Arielle Anderson Tiny & Little Shamrocks Preschool Teacher
Dorene Bednar Shamrock Zone Assistant
Eleanore Benin Theology (7-12), 9th Grade Advisor
Katie Bergstrom Physical Education (K-6)
Robyn Bickler Kindergarten Prep Preschool Teacher
Katherine Braaten Preschool Assistant and Shamrock Zone
Jeff Broussard Science (7-12), 11th Grade Advisor
Michelle Carranza Reading and Math Intervention Specialist (K-5)
Holly Dalager Band Teacher (4-12) MacPhail Music
Judy Einck KPrep Assistant & Shamrock Zone
Cindy Enfield UCSF Administrative Assistant
Catalina Ferreira-Truong Foreign Exchange Student Coordinator
Christine Frederick 1st Grade Homeroom Teacher
Greg Gentle Social Studies (7-12), 8th Grade Advisor
Christine Green Maintenance Assistant
Rick Guenther Math (7-12), 10th Grade Advisor
Brian Heimer Physical Education (7-12)
William Hodges Maintenance Assistant
Kyrie Juenger Reading and Religion (4-6), 6th Grade Advisor
Krista Kahle Administrative Assistant and Enrollment Coordinator
Elizabeth Kilkus Kindergarten Homeroom Teacher
Joe Kroc Academic Counselor (6-12)
Marnie Leif Social Studies and Science (4-6), 5th Grade Homeroom Teacher
Stephanie Lenway Math and Language Arts (4-6), 4th Grade Homeroom Teacher
Laura Marreel Dean of Students
Jean McDermott Principal/Assistant Activities Director
Sara McMahon Early Childhood Coordinator
Irene Nelson Executive Assistant and Event Planner
Tricia Nerison Mower County School Nurse (K-12)
Kathy Neve 2nd Grade Homeroom Teacher
George Pulchinski Latin (9-12)
Miranda Robinson Visual and Graphic Arts (K-12), 12th Grade Advisor
Heather Holmen-Rysavy Director of Food Services
Tara Scott Director of Finance and Facilities
Laura Sheedy Math (7-8), Activities Coordinator (7-12)
Father Raul Silva Queen of Angels Pastor
Roger Staupe Head Custodian
Father James Steffes St. A's & St. Ed's Pastor
Brittany Stenzel Music (K-12)
Teri Studley Food Services Assistant
Laura Tomlin 3nd Grade Homeroom Teacher
Katie Walk Language Arts (7-12), 7th Grade Advisor
Blake Zietz Technology Specialist