Outright gifts: The most common and easiest way to make a gift to PACELLI CATHOLIC SCHOOLS is by check or credit card. These gifts can be one-time gifts or gifts made on a recurring basis. They can be undesignated or designated for specific uses.

Pledges/Annual giving: You can pledge to make a gift over a period of time. Your pledge can be to make a one-time gift at some point in the future or to make several gifts over time. Pledges are accepted toward specific priorities as well as to the Annual Fund. We hold an annual giving fund campaign each year. Your contribution will provide tuition/financial assistance for students (K-12) of families in need, supports service and program initiatives, K-12 professional development opportunities, and instructional enhancements across K-12. Please visit our ANNUAL GIVING page for more information.

Securities/stocks: A gift of appreciated securities might provide you with greater tax advantages than a gift of cash. You can deduct the current fair market value as a charitable gift and avoid any capital gains tax on the appreciation.

Student support: We want all children to be able to attend our schools regardless of financial situations. PACELLI CATHOLIC SCHOOLS offers options to financially support a student for the school year. You will see the impact of your giving. When you sponsor a student, you will receive a picture, bio, and periodic updates on their progress. Please visit our PATRON SAINTS page for more information.

Property: Since gifts of property can provide tax deductions and may help avoid additional taxes, they are a good choice for many people. These gifts include tangible personal property, real personal property, intellectual property, and closely held company stock.

Planned gifts: Alumni and friends of PACELLI CATHOLIC SCHOOLS may choose to support students by including the school in their estate plans. These deferred, or “planned,” gifts include bequests by will, IRA or retirement plan, trust arrangement, insurance policy and other means, and they can be directed toward a variety of scholarships, programs and departments.

Matching gifts: Many employers (and former employers, for retirees) match the charitable gifts of their employees. This generous matching has the potential to double and sometimes triple the power of your gift. Please visit our MATCHING GIFTS page for more information.